Banking Questions

Can I use an ATM for free?

You are able to use Westport Federal Credit Union’s ATM surcharge free. Any non-institution ATM used will result in a surcharge based on the individual bank/owner. Westport Federal Credit Union does not charge an additional fee for using an outside ATM.

Do I need to keep a certain amount of money in my account?

At Westport Federal Credit Union we only require you to put $5 in the time of opening a savings account. With our Totally Free Checking, we require that you open the account with a minimum of $20 and after that, the amount in your checking is completely up to you! You can even bring it down to a $0 balance and you will not incur any low balance fees.

Can I access my accounts online?

You are able to check balances, transfer money, receive statements and pay bills all through EZ Banking.

Is there a cost to pay my bills online?

Westport Federal Credit Union does not charge you any extra fees to pay your bills online through our EZ banking website. Life is hard enough and we want to help!

Is mobile deposit available?

Yes! With mobile deposit, members are able to deposit checks into their account through their devices’ camera. Deposits are made into your account and are generally available within a few business days.

What are your rates?

Check our rates here.

How can I apply for a loan?

You can fill out the loan application right from the comfort of your home and submit it right online.

Have more questions?

Contact us at 508.679.0197

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