Credit Card FraudThe holiday season is in full swing and many of us are likely using our credit cards to purchase the gifts we need to buy. Unfortunately, the holiday season is also peak time for fraud, but you shouldn’t let that stop you. Westport Federal Credit Union has some tips on how you can prevent credit card fraud this holiday season so your focus is on your loved ones.

Monitor your Credit Card Accounts – While you should always be monitoring your credit card accounts, it is especially important to check them during the holiday season. Make sure all transactions were made by you or any authorized users on your account. Turn on alerts, if available, from your financial institution or card issuer which will alert you if there’s potential fraud.

Be Cautious of Advertisements – You may be tempted to click on social media ads on Instagram or Facebook, but you should be doing so sparingly. Ads boasting limited-time offers or large discounts may not always be from a reliable site. Double check the URL to make sure the spelling is correct, that the URL begins with “https,” and there’s a small lock icon that confirms it’s a secure site.

Secure your Information – If you do want to do some online shopping from your phone while you’re out in public, make sure you don’t leave any personal information easily visible. Someone could peer over your shoulder, or take a picture of your screen from a distance. You should try to complete purchases in secure areas, such as your car, rather than an open coffee shop. Obscure your credit card number with your hand or use a mobile wallet, such as Apple Pay. It’s better to use cellular data to access the internet when you’re out and about, rather than public WI-FI, which isn’t secure and leaves you vulnerable to hackers.

Watch out for Spam Phone Calls – There’s always a large amount of spam calls during the holiday season, with fraudsters trying to get unwarranted information from you. Don’t fall for the phone calls where the caller asks for your card details or other personal information. If you didn’t make the call, you can’t be sure who is calling you. Be cautious answering numbers that you don’t recognize.

Westport Federal Credit Union is happy to make managing your Visa® Credit Card easier. With our newly launched Visa® app, you can: Pay your bill, check your credit card balance, turn on travel notifications and turn off your card if it gets lost or stolen.

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