Rates effective: 3/13/2024 – Rates are subject to change without notice

Owner Occupied, 1 - 4 Family
First Mortgages:
5/1 year ARM30 Year5.75%7.116%
Fixed10 Year6.25%6.383%
15 Year6.50%6.595%
20 Year6.75%6.827%
25 Year7.00%7.066%
30 Year7.00%7.059%
Home Equity Lines10 Year DrawPrime
15 Year Payback
Home Equity Loans1-5 years7.00%7.034% Minimum $5K
(Up to 80% appraised value)6-7 years7.00%7.025%
8-9 years7.00%7.02%
10 years 7.50%7.518%
15 years7.75%7.763%
Adjustable rate15 YearUS T BILL + 4%

ARM is an adjustable rate mortgage. It is variable in nature and subject to change.
APRs are based on a loan amount of $250,000, which includes approximate finance charges.