Have you reflected on whether or not you should visit your local financial institution and invest in a safe deposit box? Safe deposit boxes offer a secure place to store your most valuable items. Let Westport Federal Credit Union explain why you should consider it!

Safe deposit boxes range in price depending on the size and the branch. Any safe deposit box you buy at home will cost you up to hundreds directly out of your pocket.

Safe deposit boxes are stored in the most secure areas of financial institutions. They are stored in concrete or steel vaults with alarms, cameras and locks. Safes owned by consumers are a lot easier to break into than a safe or safe deposit box at a financial institution.

Financial institutions place safe deposit boxes in vaults that are highly resistant to fire, flood, heat, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters.

From collector’s items to jewelry, contracts or personal documents, to family heirlooms and treasured photos, your most important items will be safe.

At Westport Federal Credit Union we want to help provide maximum protection for all of your valuables. For any questions regarding safe deposit boxes or our other products you can call us at 508.679.0197 or stop in to one of our locations at 655 State Road or 790 Main Road in Westport to open a box.

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