Update 4/1/2020: This program has been extended through May.
Members who have already applied to skip-a-payment during this pandemic are eligible to apply again for April and/or May. Please read below for information on the program from our original post. 

During this pandemic, we are bringing back our Skip-A-Payment Program for your qualifying Westport Federal Credit Union loan(s).

Because of the financial stress many people are under, we have reduced the processing fee to $20 per loan. It will automatically be deducted from your Share Savings or Share Draft (checking) account. Your payment will be deposited into your Share Savings account if  you make your loan payments with Payroll Deduction or Direct Deposit. Transfer Management accounts will be placed on hold for the month. Throughout the month of the skipped payment, interest will continue to accumulate on your loan. This is for consumer loans only (auto, motorcycle, personal) and mortgage payments cannot be deferred.

Please note, if your loan is paid automatically through another vendor or financial institution, you are responsible for stopping payment through them.

Return form by email to srodrigues@westport.org or at the drive-thru. Your request will be reviewed and we will contact you if you have been approved.


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