At Westport Federal Credit Union, our main goal is to make sure your accounts are protected. One way in which we do that is to put a block on certain debit card transactions that might be harmful.

In the past, we’ve seen fraudulent transactions from car rental companies. To prevent this from happening to you, we have placed a block on all car rental companies. If you do need to rent a car, you still can. Simply call us before you are going to rent and we will open up your card to allow the transaction.

Additionally, your debit card is also blocked to transactions outside of your normal spending area. There is a large amount of fraud that comes from New York, New Jersey and now Florida, as well as internationally. When traveling outside of your normal area, please call us to let us know your dates of travel so we can ensure your debit card will work while you’re away. Call and speak to a Member Service Representative at our Main Office at 508.679.0197 or our Central Village Branch at 508.636.7393 for assistance.

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