Student Checking AccountWhen you transition from high school to college, financial responsibility becomes increasingly important. Whether it’s tuition costs or living expenses, opening a checking account before the move can help make your finances a little bit easier to manage.

While it’s smart to carry small amounts of cash, having a debit card that is hooked up to a checking account can result in safer and more convenient transactions.

Opening a checking account may help if you plan on working while in college. You’ll need an account to set up your direct deposit or to deposit your checks. This is the perfect time to learn about balancing a checking account while only having a few bills and a small balance to maintain.

What to look for in a checking account

Online/mobile banking – You’re going to be busy with school, work, and other activities. You want an account that you can manage from the convenience of your dorm or on your way to class.

Fees – You want a checking account that doesn’t have any hidden fees and does not require a minimum balance. This is important for college students who may not have a lot of money in their account during certain times so they won’t get penalized for it.

At Westport Federal Credit Union, we offer a Totally Free Checking account that you can access right from your EZ Banking online account or mobile app. This makes it reasonable, easy to access, and perfect for those heading off to college! Secure your financial future with us.


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