There are several good reasons for having a checking account, but there aren’t any good reasons for having a checking account with high fees! At Westport Federal Credit Union, we pride ourselves on our Totally Free Checking account. Keep reading to compare our checking account to those from bigger banks.

At Westport Federal Credit Union, we require that you open the account with a minimum of $20 and after that, the amount in your checking is completely up to you! You can even bring it down to a $0 balance and you will not incur any low balance fees.

Sometimes mistakes happen. If your account does go negative, an insufficient funds fee will be charged per item. To ensure this won’t happen, we offer a free mobile banking app where you can easily monitor your accounts. We also offer a free duplicate checks when you have direct deposit into your checking account and/or a free debit card to take with you on the go.

Most big banks require an opening amount of $100 or more and a monthly fee of up to $20 to maintain your checking account. They will also require you to maintain a certain amount of funds in your accounts, otherwise you’ll be charged fees.

Life is expensive. This Valentine’s Day, Westport Federal Credit Union encourages you to break up with your high fee checking account. To open an account with us click here or stop in to see us. Secure your financial future with us.

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