The warm weather and freedom is here. That’s right. Everyone’s favorite time of the year…summer. Our minds begin to imagine dream jobs, vacations, road trips, and beach days. These are all great thoughts for the amazing season that is here, but it is also causing us to slow down a bit from our busy lives. Summer fun may be here, but our tasks must get completed as well! That is why we here at Westport Federal Credit Union have compiled a list of steps for you so you can get stuff done AND enjoy the warm sun!


  1. Create a to do list before going to sleep. Right before your lamp goes off and you catch some zzz’s for the night, take 5 minutes to write down a few things you would like to get done for the next day. Keep it simple so you don’t feel swamped and abandon the list all together. Click here to download your summer to do list!


  1. Create deadlines. Certain tasks need to be completed before others. Write your list in order of importance so you do not get overwhelmed.


  1. Pick your least favorite time to be outside. If you hate being outside from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm take that time to cross some stuff off your list! Shutting off your electronic devices may be a good idea, so distractions are at a minimum!


  1. Motivate yourself. Don’t be negative when completing the task at hand. Instead, reward yourself! This way, you look forward to what will come after the task is completed.


We want you to beat your procrastination while enjoying the summer season. Procrastination is all in your mind. Change your mindset, and you will find yourself more productive! And after your tasks are completed, take that vacation you’ve been day dreaming about all winter with the help of our travel loan!

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