3 Ways Westport Federal Credit Union Can Help Fund Your 2021 VacationIf you’re dreaming of a getaway but your vacation fund isn’t where you need it to be, we can help! Whether it’s a road trip, a camping trip, a trip to the city, or a tropical getaway read our three ways Westport Federal Credit Union can send you packing for your vacation.

Vacation Savings or Club Account

It’s easier to save up for a specific goal when you separate the funds for the goal from all your other savings. When you open a savings account at Westport Federal Credit Union with the purpose of using it to accrue funds for a vacation, we have a system to make it easier. We offer our members recurring transfers with a customized dollar amount that will go from your checking to your savings. You can decide whether it’s weekly, biweekly, or monthly. You can also monitor your vacation savings account with our EZ banking mobile app to manage and make transfers.

To be certain you will have enough money saved up to cover your vacation, create a vacation budget. How much money will you need to cover the costs of your trip? Next, determine when you’d like to go and the number of weeks or months left until its vacation time. Figure out the exact amount you will need to save each week or month to meet your goal. Once you figure that out, you can set up the recurring payments that will transfer money from your checking to saving account that way you never forget!

Personal Loan

If you don’t think you’ll be able to save enough money by the time your trip comes around, consider taking out a vacation loan.

When you take out a vacation loan from Westport Federal Credit Union, you’ll get the funds you need to send you on your way. You can apply 24/7 online here.

Westport Federal Credit Union Visa® Credit Card

Another way if you don’t think you’ll be able to save money by the time your trip comes around is with our Visa® Credit Card. Our Visa® Credit Card rate is 11.99% and you can apply here.

Get your vacation plans in order today with Westport Federal Credit Union. We have a variety of different products that can turn your dream vacation into a reality!



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